Things not to do when you are on a Vacation


We have encountered a lot of ‘to do’ lists when it comes to traveling. For a change, we are breaking the cliché and listing out the things that you shouldn’t be doing when you are holidaying. Following them will help you about unwarranted situations especially when you are in an unknown place. So here goes the list:


Do not risk your safety:

A lot of people tend to take their safety for granted when they are holidaying. It might not always be too safe to plan night outs especially if you are alone or limited in number. Above all different countries have different rules and regulations and might get into a messy situation if you risk your safety.

Don’t forget a travel insurance:

People are yet to realize the importance of a travel insurance. A travel insurance will always have your back in case if something bad happens. Also, pick the plan that is most beneficial. You are paying a lot of money for such policies. The high chances are that you never get to see the benefit. So choose the right plan and a policy that covers different scenarios.

Don’t be a miser:

Most people avoid taking other modes of transport and choose to walk. In other cases, they might skip dining in restaurants. Instead, they go ones that are provided at their place of stay. You can save a few bucks by skipping a transportation facility, but you are wasting a lot of time that can otherwise be used to explore new places.

Don’t take law for granted:

When you are traveling to a different country, do not take the law of the land for granted. Be a Roman when you are in Rome. You might not be the citizen of that country. But when you are there you are expected to follow their rules to take care of your own safety. Understand the locality and act accordingly.

Watch your wallet:

Use cash and card appropriately. Use card when you are looking out for exchanging for local cash. Carry adequate amount of local currency. Not all places have facilities for card transactions. So both card and cash are mandatory when you travel.

Don’t dine in tourist locations:

This is one common thing that most travelers say. Do not have food close to tourist spots. They are not just expensive but also do not exhibit the true flavor of the country. Every place has a location that is best known for food. Try eating there.

Don’t forget to explore:

Do not stick only to the popular and regular tourist places that most tourist end up visiting. Travel to unknown and new places and be an explorer. This will give you a refreshing experience and gives you the chance to visit places that most people haven’t visited.